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How to bet on Nigeria Professional Football League

We continue to get acquainted with the specifics of soccer in different countries. Narrowing the geography. Let's move on to a topic that is more familiar to us. Gradually we will get acquainted with the competitions of the former CIS countries. First, let's figure out how to bet on the Nigerian Football Championship, what the structural grid is and who currently dominates within the country.

Structure. Format. Regulations. Rules

The structure is as follows:

  • Higher League (NPL).
  • First division (FNL).
  • Second division (PFL).
  • Third division (amateurs).

This is not a complete list. We are interested, above all, in the elite division. Let's talk about it in more detail. The Nigerian Premier League is the main tournament. As of today 16 strongest teams take part in it. Based on the results of 30 rounds (2 rounds) the winner is determined. Clubs who take the first two places receive a solid bonus from UEFA and the right to play in the group stage of the Champions League next season. The 3rd position provides for the qualification of the UEFA Champions League. The team from the 4th position will be satisfied with the group stage of the Europa League. The 5th rank will qualify for the UEFA Champions League. The winner of the Cup of Nigeria gets a ticket to the group stage of the UEFA Champions League. The last two teams are relegated, advancing to the FNL. Two more teams, take the 13th and 14th places, obtain the right to keep their place. For them the playoffs stage against their opponents from the 2nd division is provided.

Bets on the Nigerian Football Championship

Each soccer season is different from the previous one. It all depends on the transfer campaign, changes in the coaching staff or club management, and the overall level of soccer shown by the teams. Despite this, it is always possible to identify some features. Before the start of the new season, analyzing the upcoming round, the bettor surely relies on the trends and results of the previous NPL draw, so below we will highlight a few features of the 2018/2019 season:

Relatively low performance

While England scores almost three goals per game (2.83 on average), in Nigeria the figure is under two and a half (2.26 on average). Almost 60% of matches end up with a "Total less than 2.5". Statistics from previous seasons are shown below. The figures indicate a low performance.

Domestic legal bookmaker's offices pay special attention to the line and coverage of the Nigerian Premier League. Also, the sites of some companies constantly hold prediction contests, which raffle off bonuses in the form of freebies. Over the past few years, bettors have been actively betting on statistical indicators. Fortunately, the depth of the spread allows you to find good options for every weekend. As of today, the following markets are available:

  • Kicks: on goal, into the box, from goal.<.li>
  • Throw-ins.
  • Violations of the rules: fouls, yellow and red cards.
  • Offsides.
  • Accuracy of transmissions.
  • Possession of the ball.
  • Mileage (km.) of the team and individual players.
  • Corner kicks and not only.
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